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Tarramba True North 4664 (IVF) (PP)

Tarramba True North 4664 (IVF) (PP)

In 2023, he made headlines at the Brahman Week sale, selling for $120,000.

Today, you have the unique opportunity to integrate his superior genetics into your herd. We are excited to offer a limited number of straws from this exceptional Brahman bull, known for his robust characteristics and standout features.

Sired by the notable Y3K Billionaire 9002 and from the high-quality cow Tarramba Dienka 4168, his lineage speaks to a legacy of strength and productivity.

With a tidy underline and striking cherry red colour, he combines aesthetic appeal with functional traits that are highly sought after in the Brahman breed. Don’t miss your chance to enhance your breeding program with his genetics.

Photo and Video Credit - Tarramba Red Brahmans


    Only available to purchase as a 10 straw package for $3,330.00

    Only 5 packages available for sale

    $150 for each extra registration required


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