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Bald Ridge Kajukari Q0304

Bald Ridge Kajukari Q0304

CCCFQ0304 BALD RIDGE KAJIKARI Q0304 (ET) or KEVIN as he is affectionately known, is the combination of some of the finest Akaushi (Red Wagyu) genetics available. Sired by TWAFS0363 TWA KAJIKARI out of dam CCCFG0013 BALD RIDGE HOME BLUE, Kevin was bred by Bald Ridge Wagyu who are renowned for producing premium wagyu cattle.

Paternal grand sire IMUFN2455 HIKARI J251830R is a foundation sire of the Akaushi breed, having arrived via live export to the USA with semen imported to Australia. Hikari carries the strengths of the dominant Japanese sires DAI 10 MITSUMARU and NAMIMARU in one package. Hikari sons excel in calving ease and his daughters are some of the heaviest milking Akaushi females in the breed. His impact on the breed will be long lasting.

Maternal lines trace back to foundation sire SHIGEMARU, the most versatile foundation bull responsible for making Akaushi cattle more dimensional and thicker. He has proven over the years to make broody daughters and powerful sons. Shigemaru is the paternal brother to Namimaru the famous cow maker who sired AKIKO, NAMIKO, KAZUTOMO, and RINGO 117.

His dams are no light weights either, with the maternal line tracing back to foundation dam FUYUKO, one of the best looking, well-built females in her day. Her BIG AL daughters have left their mark on Akaushi history. She lived to be 20+ years of age and many of today’s highest performing and most impactful females trace back to her.

Wagyu beef contains a lot of good fats, like Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Wagyu beef is even more delicious! It has a much higher MUFA to saturated fat ratio and has been shown in human studies to lower cholesterol levels. The primary component of MUFA, oleic acid, is also linked to the sublime umami flavour and melting tenderness of cooked beef. Wagyu beef contains 30% more CLA than regular beef, which has been shown in studies to reverse diabetes symptoms, reduce body fat, and prevent the build-up of arterial plaque. For today's health-conscious consumer, Wagyu beef is the answer. According to studies and research, it has been found that Akaushi are the best among the Wagyu breeds for these qualities.

Akaushi have a calm temperament and are among the gentlest of breeds. This pays off in the paddock, feedlot or over the hook with improved performance, carcass merit, and lower treatment costs. Because of their genetic ability to accumulate marble, they produce a high percentage of prime carcasses that can double the quality grade in crossbreeding programs. Furthermore, Akaushi live much longer, reach puberty at an early age, are extremely fertile with much higher fertility than other breeds, and have a powerful libido. They can service half as many cows as most other breeds.

Kevin is testament to this, having come to Pentland in December 2021, right into a full-blown Queensland summer after leaving New South Wales, and went from a pasture of rye and clover to a dry desert upland pasture, handling it all with ease. He was then straight out with a mob of Brahman Cows with Brahman Bulls in January; an interesting observation was that during the heat of the day, and while the other bulls were in the shade, he was still working the herd. His temperament is perfect, and he doesn't seem to be affected by anything. We look forward to Kevin’s progeny hitting the ground and are excited to share him with you.


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